Our Story


I was a reluctant rider. On a warm, sunny day my wife would go off riding for hours. It just didn’t sound fun to me. The wind made riding tough, my injured knee was painful and the hills to climb were just too much! But I also didn’t like being left behind. And then, wandering through Walmart one day, I spotted an electric bike and thought it might be just what I needed to rejuvenate the fun! Bingo! I was hooked!

One year later, I scheduled knee replacement surgery. Before the surgery, I rode the Interceptor by Pedago and fell in love. I bought the bike and bike riding became a large part of my recovery.

In 2014, my wife and I traveled the country in our motorhome . Of course my bike had to come with us! Since we did not have a car on our travels, we hooked up a trailer to my bike and did shopping and other trips on our bikes. We were fueled by fun!

My passion for electric bikes has brought me to this industry. I am honored to be able to provide a reliable e-bike at a reasonable price to anyone looking for bike rejuvenation, relaxation, or knee rehabilitation.

- Jeff Diers