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The Boost EBike is a mini electric folding bike with 20" x 4" fat tires to provide stability and comfort. There are five different levels of power assist, plus full power throttle. Here are the specs you need to know about our bike:

  • 20 mph top speed
  • Up to 45-mile range with assist
  • Up to 20-mile range without assist
  • 500-watt Bafang motor 
  • Samsung Cell battery 48v 13a
  • Tektro disk brakes
  • Suspension seat post
  • Suspension front forks
  • Twist, full power throttle
  • Front basket
  • Front and back lights
  • Full fenders
  • Full LED display
  • USB charger
  • Shimano 7 speed

Everything you need for a safe, convenient and comfortable ride!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boost EBikes?

Boost EBikes are mini bikes with fat tires and an electric motor. The bike folds in half for easy storage.

Do I need a special license or registration?

No, according to federal laws, a bicycle with an electric motor that can travel at 20 mph, and pedals is considered to be a bicycle rather than a motor vehicle.

What is the maximum speed of Boost EBikes?

Using the throttle, the bike will reach 20 mph, which is the legal limit for use on the road in most locations.

How far can I travel on a single charge of the battery?

Depending on conditions, the Boost EBike battery will last 35-40 miles. At that time you can recharge the battery in 4-6 hours.

How do you control the motor?

The Boost EBike has a throttle that can be twisted for travel without pedaling and a pedal sensor that can be engaged by the touch of the LCD screen to offer assistance with your pedaling.

What is pedal assist?

Pedal assist can be engaged when you need assistance like going up a hill or on a windy day. You can adjust the level of assistance from 1 (the least) to 5 (the most).

Do I have to use the motor?

No, Boost EBikes are fueled by fun! But you have the security of the motor in case you need it.

What is the warranty for Boost EBikes?

All Boost EBikes come standard with a one year manufacture warranty.


Warranty Information

All Boost Ebikes come standard with a one year manufacture warranty. The warranty will cover defects in materials or workmanship on the frame, forks, stem, handlebar, seat post, brakes, lights, crank set, pedals, rims, wheel hub, derailleur, shifter, throttle, controller, battery, motor assembly, LCD display, kickstand, reflector, and hardware. Warranty on the battery does not include damage from power surges, use of an improper charger, water damage, misuse or normal wear. This warranty is offered to the original registered owner only, it is not transferable. The warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear; acts of God; any modifications or conversions; commercial use; or inappropriate maintenance, use, or care. The warranty does not include any normal wear and tear parts such as tires, tubes, brake pads, grips, cables and housing. In the event a bike was received with damage due to shipping, Boost Ebikes must be notified within 14 days of product delivery in order for the warranty to apply. Boost Ebikes shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect or consequential damages. This includes without limitation damages for personal injury, property damage or economic losses whether they be based on a warranty, negligence or product liability in connection with their products.

What will we do?

In the case that a component is deemed defective or damaged not as a result of user error, Boost Ebikes will issue a replacement part and assist you in replacing the part.
In the case that a component is deemed to have been damaged during shipping, Boost Ebikes will provide the owner with a replacement part and assist you in replacing the part.

What do you do?

In the case of defects in materials or workmanship based on the terms of the warranty, please contact Boost Ebikes: 303-525-1232 or jeff@boostebikes.com.
Upon contacting Boost Ebikes, we may request photos or videos.